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Breeding top quality, authentic Maine Coons since 1979 from proven bloodlines...


FELV and FIV negative.

Maine Coon cats are the only native long haired breed in America and a top breeding line was brought to the UK in 1979 by Anita Aukett who spent 30 years breeding them. Many have subsequently gone on to win a string of prizes in many shows. In May 2011 Anita passed away and Majesticoon was transferred to Lucille Clarke-Smith, a close friend for 25 years who acquired her first Maine Coon from Anita in 1990. Lucille continues to breed Maine Coons to the high standards set by Anita using the same proven bloodlines.

We are a TICA Cattery of Excellence of the highest standards.

We breed exceptional examples and at maturity our Maine Coons can weigh up to 24lbs! Health and temperament are a top priority as well as size and correct type. Pedigrees are available for all kittens bred. All kittens are raised within our home, handled from birth and are well socialised and litter trained. The kittens leave fully vaccinated and insured. See the letters page for endorsements from many happy owners and lots of photos.

Maine Coons bred include Brown Tabbies (Mackerels & Classics) with or without white, Silver Tabbies (Mackerel & Classic), Blue Silvers, Blue Smokes and Solid Blues .

Please take the opportunity to have a look around this site. For more information either contact Lucille directly by our contact form or phone her on +44 (0)1323 871213.

We can arrange transport if required for owners of our kittens and we export overseas to selective enquirers. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a kitten for any reason.